Cover 6

We don't care about lights, we care about you getting home safe. 

We listened to you and we understand that purchasing a high quality light and then placing it out on the road next to high speed traffic isn't something you would normally do; but we are confident that this light will get the attention of motorists and help keep you safe.

 The Cover 6 Warranty does just that: it covers your back while you are working on your mission. If in the event your light is hit by a third party motorist and damaged or destroyed, we will replace or repair your light free of charge to you. We want you to deploy your new light into the dangerous situations to keep you safe and make sure you get home safe. The cost of you not being seen out on the road is a price too high to pay. 

 To begin a Cover 6 Warranty claim, drop us an email and let us know what happened. 

Cover 6 Warranty only applies to Taylor Edition Lights. Lemur Light reserves the right to validate each Cover 6 Warranty claim. We will continue this program as long as participants are honest and not abusing the Cover 6 Warranty. For full Cover 6 Warranty terms, visit our Terms and Conditions page.