Growing up I spent many nights following my father around our yard, curious and anxious to help him out however I could. Often times I would end up holding the flashlight as he worked on various machines and projects. I quickly began to realize that everything from camping adventures to projects in the attic lacked proper lighting and that traditional work lighting involved bulky cords and cables that limited where you could go. Eventually, I built my own portable LED floodlight and soon, friends and neighbors wanted their own. That was the beginning of Lemur Light.

   In 2013 Lemur Light was born with a simple mission: build the best portable light. One that would stand up to everyday use and would not need new batteries every 30 minutes. I wanted to create a product that had the portability of a flashlight with the brightness, durability, and lighting capabilities of a floodlight. Two years after Lemur Light was founded, Trooper Taylor Thyfault was hit while helping at the scene of an accident, which changed the mission of Lemur Light. While originally intended for outdoor work lights or to illuminate a campsite, I decided to also include roadside safety into Lemur Light’s mission. This new drive and desire to make a product that could increase visibility for those who risk their lives to help others in need helped me to create the best wireless floodlights and roadside safety lights available. Our rechargeable floodlights are still perfect for working in the attic or lighting construction sites, but now these portable LED floodlights can increase safety at roadside traffic stops, scenes of car accidents, or increase visibility for firefighters in and outside of buildings.

   While my focus may have changed from recreational portable shop lights to outdoor work lights for emergency responders and outdoorsmen alike, the ultimate mission remains the same: build the best portable floodlights possible to keep you safe and continue on with life after dark.