How To Stay Safe On The Side Of The Road

Picture this: You’re driving along the highway at night when you get a flat tire. You pull over to the side of the road and get out to examine the damage. Your tire is pretty much useless, but thankfully, you know how to put on the spare. You put on your emergency flashers so you can change your tire safely.

Unfortunately, emergency flashers often do not provide enough visibility for other cars to see you at night. While they can see the hazard lights, it is nearly impossible to see you. Accidents happen all the time when someone is pulled over on the side of the road because there is simply not enough visibility. When in doubt, call a tow company or law enforcement. However, if you need to perform maintenance yourself, know how to do so as safely as possible.

If you notice something is wrong (engine smoking, popped tire, etc), pull over as far as possible from the road while still ensuring your car is on level, safe ground and not in a ditch, for example.

If your car is for some reason un-driveable, like you are completely out of gas, turn on your emergency flashers/hazard lights. Do not try to push your car to the side of the road, especially at nighttime. If you think your car might be hit by another car flying by on the freeway, leave your car and stand a bit away in a safe space while you call for help. Take into consideration the neighborhood you are in or stretch of highway you are on. Is it high-traffic or low-traffic? Is it safe to be outside of your car alone at night? Would it be safer to wait in the car until help arrives? You will need to use your common sense in order to create the safest space for you.

Stay Safe On The Side Of The Road

Keep a roadside safety kit in your trunk for events like this.This kit should include reflective warning triangles or safety flares, a reflective safety vest, and if needed, gloves or rain gear for changing tires in poor weather. You will also need a way to see and be seen, which is where we come in. Our portable LED flood lights were designed specifically with roadside safety in mind. Our Taylor Edition cordless flood light, named in honor of Trooper Taylor Thyfault who lost his life while pulled over on the side of the road, is especially useful for roadside safety. This battery powered work light has a flashing safety bar on the back that comes in a range of color combinations including blue, red, amber, and white and has ten different flashing patterns. The main light on this lamp puts our 2000 powerful lumens. This allows approaching drivers to be alerted by the flashing emergency lights, while shining plenty of light on your car for maximum visibility.

After you have pulled over, set up the reflective triangles or safety flares in an efficient manner. Remember, cars coming towards you might be going 65 or 75 miles miles per hour, meaning your triangles should be spaced farther apart than you might think. The flares or triangles should be placed 10, 100, and 200 feet away from the rear of the vehicle. Remember to set these up to direct traffic away from your vehicle. Place the first triangle closest to your car in line with your left-hand mirror, the second triangle should roughly align with the center of your car, and the third and furthest triangle should be in line with your right-hand mirror. When walking to set up your triangles or flares, hold them in front of you so oncoming traffic can see you better.

Set up your Lemur Light with the cordless flood light facing your vehicle and the emergency flashing lights facing towards approaching traffic. This will give you the visibility you need to see what you’re doing, will keep your car brightly illuminated, and will warn drivers that there is someone pulled over. This is great for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road like truckers or police officers. It is also a good tool to pack in your kid’s car before they drive off to college.

Don’t assume that other drivers see you, even if you’ve done all of the above to make yourself visible. If you see or hear a car coming, stop what you’re doing and walk away from your car until they pass. Your job is to be safe, not speedy.

See and Be Seen With Our Cordless LED Work Lights

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