6 Ways To Use Your Rechargeable LED Flood Light

While our rechargeable LED flood lights were originally designed with the idea of helping people see and be seen while pulled over on the side of the road, you all have found a number of other ways to use your Lemur Lights. Today, we’d like to share just a few of the many ways a high-power portable light can be useful. From enjoying the great outdoors to simply getting stuff done that needs to be done, here are 6 ways to get the most use out of your Lemur Light.

When To Use Your Rechargeable LED Floor Light

  1. Night Fishing: Night fishing is a popular pastime for many people. Some will swear to the ends of the earth that you can only catch a catfish at night - perhaps because real cats are nocturnal - while others simply enjoy the solitude allotted when fishing off of an empty pier or lakeside. Whatever your reason is for night fishing, you’ll obviously want some amount of light. An rechargeable LED work light can be your best friend to be able to see what you’re doing and ensure you don’t misplace any hooks.
  2. Working On The Car: People who work on cars as a hobby often have a day job where they spend most of the daylight hours. You come home from work, eat dinner, do a few things around the house, and while everyone else tucks in to watch the latest reality competition show on TV, you head out to put some elbow grease into that 1967 Mustang you begged your wife to let you buy. As the sun goes down, you’ll need a powerful flood light to help you see what you’re doing. A rechargeable LED flood light is the best option for this because they don’t put out heat like traditional floodlights and there’s no need to deal with annoying wires and cables.
  3. Camping: So you want to pack up the family and get away from all the technology for a while. Us too! But you shun the idea of “glamping” where you have running water and an electrical hookup. That being said, you still want to have adequate lighting to help keep everyone safe, and “camping by the light of the moon” isn’t actually the efficient. A rechargeable LED work light is perfect for experiencing the great outdoors without getting lost in the dark.
  4. Nighttime Target Practice: So you’re into night hunting, but you want to practice some target shooting at night before the hunting season opens. That being said, being in the pitch black at night with a rifle can be dangerous - perhaps someone doesn’t see you and gets between you and your target. Having a bright light shining on or near you can help you see better and ensure that people see you, while still getting the experience of shooting at night.
  5. Farmwork: The early bird gets the worm, but sometimes the early bird wakes up before the sun! Many people who have farms or homesteads get up before dawn to take care of the animals. Whether you’re collecting eggs from your chickens or milking your goat, a rechargeable LED flood light can ensure you can see what you’re doing and make you feel secure as you walk around outside in the dark.
  6. Getting Stuff Done: Sometimes you just need to get something done and it’s dark out - it’s that simple. What are you going to do? Maybe you need pack up the truck to evacuate in the middle of the night during natural disaster, or maybe you find out your inlaws are about to show up out of the blue and you need to fetch the air mattress out of the attic. Whatever the reason, having a high-power portable LED light on hand is essential for getting stuff done that can’t wait.  

Our Rechargeable LED Flood Lights Can’t Be Beat

At Lemur Lights, we’ve put our heart and soul into making the best cordless LED flood lights on the market. Our lights are powered by long-lasting batteries, lightweight, and put out an impressive 2,000 lumens of light so you can take any space from night to day with the flip of a switch. Shop our collection of rechargeable flood lights today and never be in the dark again.